226 Mendon-Ionia Road
Mendon, NY 14506


Membership Info...

Free Golf for this Season!

Mendon Golf Club is very excited to extend this tremendous membership opportunity to you and your family! 

Like most other clubs in Monroe County, Mendon Golf Club is very close to having a full membership. However, we do have 8 open membership slots for those who would like to join our club.

We are currently offering a FREE Golf Membership at MGC for the remainder of 2021 if you commit to the 2022 golfing season. 

We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional private golf course along with a friendly atmosphere.

Included in all memberships at no additional charge is unlimited use of the driving range, access to other private clubs in the area, club storage where your clubs are washed after each round, and a free locker! Also, we do not charge initiation fees, member assessments, or require food minimums in the restaurant.

This promotion will be available until our membership roster is full.

For more information, please contact our membership office today at
membership@mendongolfclub.com or call us at 624.3770 extension 218.

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Our membership for the 2022 season is almost full so if you are interested in joining Mendon next year please contact us as soon as possible at membership@MendonGolfClub.com

or call 585-624-3770 ex 218.

We would love to have you as a member!

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